Virtual workshop DCO-ECLAC-UNDP: Development Thinking and Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean in a Radically Changing Regional Context

ECLAC, DCO and UNDP organized the first workshop for economists from Resident Coordinators Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean. The workshop had the following objectives:  Today’s workshop has the following objectives: 1. Creation of a regional Economists Network with economists of RC offices, ECLAC and UNDP; 2. Exchange information, data and analytical frameworks on the regional economic context and schools of thought on economic thinking; 3. Discuss initiatives to cooperate and complement our collective strengths as UN Development system to better provide advocacy and technical assistance to our Member States.  Through a series of plenary and break-out discussions over two days, experts from ECLAC exchanged with RCO economists, and experts from UNDP and DCO, over multiple aspects of the region’s economic and social development and assessed how to enhance synergies between regional expertise and work at country-level on issues as financing for development, productive development, social protection, etc.