Regional preparations for the global compact on migration as per resolution 71/280

As per General Assembly resolution 71/280 (2017) which requests the regional economic commissions, in collaboration with other relevant UN entities especially IOM, to organize discussions among member states and other relevant stakeholders to examine the regional and sub-regional aspects of international migration and to provide inputs, in accordance with their respective mandates, for the preparatory process of the global compact, preparations are underway under the leadership of the regional commissions for the respective regional consultations and supporting knowledge products which will provide regional and subregional perspectives on the six themes elaborated in resolution 71/280.

Attached is a living document reflecting the dates of the consultations and various knowledge products that the regional commissions will be producing in support of fulfilling the mandate in resolution 71/280. It will be continually updated as updates are available. For more information, please contact RCNYO at

Mapping of Preparatory Regional Events for the Global Compact on Migration (English)

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