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Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week 2013

ESCAP25OctoberThe Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week brings together government officials and other stakeholders every two years for discussions on issues of importance to trade and investment policy making in the region.

Against the backdrop of global economic turbulence, the first Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week in 2009 focused on the impact of the financial crisis on trade and investment in the region. Following this, the Second Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week was held in July 2011and looked at trade and investment opportunities in the post-crisis world, including in services and climate smart trade and investment.

This year, the theme of the week is “Promoting Inclusive Trade and Investment”. This is also the focus of the Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2013, which highlights current regional trends, and discusses policies to ensure inclusive development outcomes from trade and investment.

Drawing on the presence of senior policy makers from across the Asia-Pacific region, the week hosts a number of engaging events related to trade and investment policy making, covering areas from trade facilitation and trade agreements, to sustainable agriculture, science and technology capacity building, and responsible business practices.

Highlights of the week include:

  • The ESCAP-OECD Conference on Regional Cooperation in Advancing Responsible Business Practices, 18 November 2013
  • High-level Dialogue on “Reviving Multilateralism: Road to Bali and Beyond”, 19 November 2013
  • Global Trade Facilitation Conference, 18-19 November 2013

The week will culminate in the Third session of the ESCAP Committee on Trade and Investment.

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The Joint Approach to Trade Facilitation (TF) of the UN Regional Commissions (UNRCs)

The Joint UNRC Approach to Trade Facilitation (TF) was agreed in Beirut in January 2010 by the Executive Secretaries of the five Regional Commissions and was subsequently endorsed by all five Regional Commissions.

The Approach was designed to enable the UNRCs to present a joint (global) view on key Trade Facilitation issues – particularly from the regional and interregional level, and especially in relation to capacity building needs and approaches. This is particularly important in the contect of the ongoing discussions on Trade Facilitation in the WTO Doha Round.

Also it was considered that, as supply chains are becoming increasingly global, a joint approach to trade facilitation policy development and implementation would enhance the effectiveness of UNRC technical assistance and capacity building initiatives in own region. The representatives of all five RCs met in Geneva in December 2011 and confirmed the value of the initiative and their readiness of working together.

Expected Deliverables:

  • Joint UNRC view on key Trade Facilitation issues
  • Joint Package of information and capacity building resources on Trade Facilitation issues
  • Coordination and cooperation on Trade Facilitation work and Capacity Building
  • Dissemination of information on UNRC activities in Trade Facilitation
  • Coordination with key UN and related agencies on TF

The Joint Capacity Building Package includes the following components (information and capacity building resources provided by respective Regional Commissions.

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